Open Garden Day (Heritage Rose Garden)
Heritage Rose Garden
1334 Jackson Gate Rd.
Jackson, CA 95642
Contact: / 209-223-6838
Sponsor: UCCE Master Gardeners of Amador County

Come see what's in bloom! Visit the Heritage Rose Garden's showcase of historic roses, California natives, and pollinator plants that exemplify sustainable gardening practices. Take a tour, ask questions, and learn from the UCCE Master Gardener Volunteers. The garden is located near the historic Chichizola Store. Open Garden Days are scheduled on the third Saturday of each month, from May through September.


The garden, dedicated to old roses, native plants and a selection of old favorite annuals and perennials, has matured immensely from 2019, when the plot was just a patch of weeds. Now, it is bursting with color, fragrance and wildlife! Not only will visitors see a delightful collection of plants, but also a bounty of handcrafted features not to be missed, including benches, trellises and found-object art.

Visitors can wander through the garden on their own or be guided by a member of the rose team. Bloom times vary throughout the season, so visitors will be greeted with something new and wonderful each month. The garden is dedicated to promoting integrated pest management, propagation, and energy-conserving garden practices designed to educate, encourage and inspire.