4-H STEM Challenge
Contact: Suzanne Morikawa morikawa@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: UC 4-H Youth Development Program

About the 2022 4-H STEM Challenge

Designed by Rutgers University, Explorers of the Deep, focuses on the mysteries and adventures of ocean exploration—with robots! Ocean exploration helps scientists prepare for and adapt to changing ocean conditions. Many of these changes in ocean conditions are affecting the environment, such as melting glaciers, increasing ocean temperatures, declining fisheries and an increase in frequency and severity of storms. Since Earth is an ocean planet, these impacts affect humans and organisms all around the world, regardless of their proximity to the ocean.

The three activities develop observational and critical thinking skills while exploring the interconnected nature between the ocean and humans, regardless of where they live. Youth will learn about the incredibly complex relationship between Earth’s oceans and the global climate.