University of California 4-H Latino Initiative: Experiences of bicultural and bilingual staff

Oct 2, 2019

The initiative to engage Latino youth and families in the 4-H Youth Development Program, managed by the University of California, has just issued its first year report.

Through qualitative questionnaires and focus group interviews, we analyzed experiences of six new bilingual and bicultural program staff, hired specifically to implement youth development programming to reach Latino youth. Staff reported a steep learning curve, with competing demands to build relationships, engage youth and show results. Lessons learned may help shape activities that other youth development programs may consider in similar efforts.

"Staff emphasized that getting to know the community and building relationships were the most important parts of starting a new 4-H program," the report says. "Staff identified several 4-H program models they utilized to engage Latino youth in 4-H; these included after-school clubs, SPIN (special interest) clubs, in-school clubs, day camps, and short-term/special interest programs."

Sonoma County offers After School Clubs and Day Camps when schools are out. These clubs are in Santa Rosa and Windsor. To learn more about these clubs, contact Diego Mariscal at

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This article was first published in UCCE Sonoma County blog

By Steven M. Worker
Author - 4-H Youth Development Advisor
By Karen Giovannini
Editor - Agriculture Ombudsman