Shasta College teams with UCCE for winemaking class

Oct 18, 2010

A two-acre vineyard on the Shasta College campus will produce grapes for the school's growing wine-making program and a venue for collaboration with UC Cooperative Extension, according to an article in the Redding Record Searchlight.

Although the young vineyard is still about a year away from producing its first crop, the college is already working with UCCE to use the vineyard for research and community workshops.

“That’s been a good partnership,” Shasta College horticulture instructor Leimone Waite was quoted in the article. “We are trying to be a completely organic vineyard, which has been a real challenge.”

The vineyard is also used for instruction in some of Shasta College's 14 wine-related classes. Students plant, prune and train the grapevines. Some vines were purposely trained the wrong way so students can see what happens.

Shasta College is one of four in the 112-campus community college system to have a bonded winery. The designation allows the college to bottle wine with its own label. So far, Shasta College wine is not for sale, but it has been sampled at campus events.

The Shasta College's viticulture and enology program includes students seeking careers in the wine industry, as well as those who simply want to grow a few grapes and make wine at home.

By Jeannette E. Warnert
Author - Communications Specialist