Help keep spotted lanternfly out of California

Dec 10, 2019

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) is a new invasive pest that has recently arrived in the United States. This planthopper has a wide host range of more than 70 plant species, including grapevines, apples, cherries, stone fruits and ornamentals. It's preferred host is the tree of heaven. SLF lays their eggs on inanimate objects such as railway cars, outdoor furniture, stones, wood pallets and vehicles which aids in their ability for wide dispersal.

Click here to learn about spotted lanternfly lifecycle, preferred hosts and potential for damage.

Early detection is key to keeping the spotted lanternfly out of California. Everyone - growers, pest control advisers, field workers and home gardeners - can play an important role in keeping the spotted lanternfly out of the state by being the eyes and ears needed for early detection. Take the time to become aware of how to identify this new exotic pest and report any suspected sightings to your local Agricultural Commissioner's office right away.

Together we can help keep the spotted lanternfly out of California!


By Cindy Kron
Author - North Coast Area IPM Advisor
By Karen Giovannini
Contributor - Agriculture Ombudsman