Developing fire-adapted communities at Lake Tahoe webinar series starts May 25

May 23, 2012

People who own homes or property in the Lake Tahoe Basin are invited to participate in a webinar series on creating fire-adapted communities at the Lake. The University of California and Nevada Cooperative Extensions in collaboration with Tahoe Basin fire agencies will conduct a six-part webinar series on topics necessary for individuals and communities at Lake Tahoe to become fire adapted on May 25, 29, 30, 31, June 1 and June 5 from 12 noon to 1 p.m.

“This spring has been quite dry and, unfortunately there is the potential for a very active fire year in the Basin,” said University of California Cooperative Extension advisor Susie Kocher, coordinator of the webinar series. “Since this June is also the fifth anniversary of the Angora fire that burned 250 homes in South Lake Tahoe in June 2007, we are hoping that people will be paying attention and start creating their defensible space now.”

The series will provide a broad overview of the wildfire risk reduction strategies useful in the Tahoe basin including defensible space and conservation landscaping, upgrading of homes to reduce ignitability during wildfire ember storms, emergency preparedness and evacuation. There will be sessions on how to work with fire departments, land management agencies, neighborhoods and communities and on the fire risk reduction activities being conducted in the basin by the US Forest Service, including the upcoming South Shore project.

The webinar should be of interest to homeowners and residents of the Tahoe basin, visitors, land managers, local decision makers and planners, regulators and members of the fire-fighting community. Part-time Tahoe residents are particularly encouraged to participate.

“Reaching Tahoe second home owners with information on how to reduce their wildfire risk can be especially challenging,” said Kocher. “We are trying out this relatively new and innovative way to reach people who may not have time to attend informational events or trainings for the short time they are in Tahoe.”

The webinar series will be held in conjunction with Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Awareness Week, May 26 to June 3, 2012. The theme of the week this year is Wildfire Survival: Your Home. Your Responsibility. During the week, fire agencies, fire safe chapters and local organizations will collaborate to hold community clean up days including offering free chipping and pine needle pick-ups. They will also host neighborhood meetings and educational activities. For more information on Wildfire Awareness Week, check the website at or contact Susie Kocher,, 530-542-2571. For webinar information, check the webpage at  Registration is free but required.

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By Susie Kocher
Author - Forestry/ Natural Resources Advisor
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