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by Themis J. Michailides
on March 10, 2014 at 10:17 AM
Although I got a previous grant of $2,000, it did not go very far with all these extra talks that I had to present in January, February, and March 2014 at the various Walnut Days. I agreed and presented up to 10 different talks on the Botryosphaeria canker and blight of California walnuts to help the growers prepare and act appropriately for this invasive, new disease in 2014. Five of these talks were organized by farm advisors and the rest by PCAs who work with walnuts. There is one more talk for the Walnut Institute organized by Bill Coates on March 13, and 2 field days by Janine Hasey on April 2. Of course, there will be more talks this year as we see symptoms of the disease in the field and I am sure some farm advisors will ask me to participate in their field days to make sure that their growers become aware about this devastating and yield-reducing disease.  
Therefore, I respectfully request an additional $2,000 to support all these extra activities that they were not budgeted in my proposal request to the Calif. walnut industry. I will appreciate this tremendously and it will help me a lot in my efforts to also help the farm advisors, PCAs and certainly the walnut growers in California. Thank you.  
Themis J. Michailides
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