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Follow along and discover better landscape practices (BLP's) to conserve and protect local waters.
by Arlene S Finke
on July 16, 2018 at 10:17 AM
Thanks for the hookup Tammy! Great information!
by Tammy Majcherek
on July 23, 2018 at 2:45 PM
This comment is from Linda Haque, UC Master Gardener of Ventura County:  
Thank you for this posting noted in the July 19, 2018, issue of "Urban Water Management Measures and Practices" from, I believe, the UC Orange County Water Management Resources. As you know,  
Huanglongbing is considered by many to be the most devastating threat worldwide citrus is currently facing.  
May I suggest a highly informative, easy to navigate site from Beth Grafton-Cardwell, Ph.D, one of the main UC entomologists in the public educational outreach efforts' campaign? Dr. Grafton-Cardwell has developed the site at Her site gives a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, explanation on the identification and management of ACP and HLB. She has cards available for distribution as well which are free for the asking.  
Your posting on the Orange County MG site is particularly opportune, given more HLB-positive trees have been found in Orange County, more than even Los Angeles County where the disease was first discovered in California.  
The Master Gardeners of Ventura County are willing to share with any other county's MGs the steps they have taken to try to delay the dreaded HLB spread into their county and then on to other citrus-producing counties.  
I was unable to log on to the site to leave a comment!  
I hope we will get some feedback from Orange and other county Master Gardeners, so that together we can continue to put the UC Master Gardener mission into practical use in a most critical area. We can see what this disease has already done to the Florida citrus industry and economy; we still have the ability to avoid that same scenario in California if we work prudently and in a timely manner.  
Thanks again.  
Linda Haque  
UC Master Gardener  
Ventura County
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