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News and conversation about ranching in the Sierra Nevada foothills
Farmer and sheep
by Dan Macon
on July 11, 2018 at 3:10 PM
Great comments from Joe Fischer, who ranches in several Sierra foothill counties:  
"I may add a column to ours that has emergency option 1 (if ample time) or option 2 (less than 1 hour, for example). In some instances if enough notice we may prefer to haul out not shelter in place. I would also add another column for critical points, like:  
1. How do animals access water, is it dependent on a human?  
2. Is there a guard dog or other animal that can't survive on grass and water alone - that needs feed or in emergency do you haul out if you cant access during evacuation.  
3. Lambing/calving season etc. Reason for this point is so that others could see from our plan we will need re-entry to check for calving or lambing etc. When I was a kid my Dad had to euthanize a cow due to a relatively routine ailment that could have been prevented with access.  
4. For Blue Oak, I like your safe zones, I think expand to option 1…Option 2… for example your rams option 1 may be trailer out, small load not worth messing with away from your home.  
I would also add to this sheet contact info for Animal Control or CalFire Liaison officer, hauling contractor etc contact info so if you had a plan in each one of your vehicles etc. All your decision makers would have access to those numbers."
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