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Title Brochure: (1969) Agricultural Field Stations and Experimental Areas
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Description Historical document from May 1969. This brochure needs to have the pages folded so that it reads sequentially.
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AGRICULTURAL FIELD STATIONS THE COVER PHOTOS : Above - Field days bring and many interested growers to the stations to hear talks by University researchers , or ( front cover ) ride through Experimental Areasthe experimental plots and hear explanations of the work being carried on at the station . . . CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION THE AUTHOR : J . l . Myler is Director of Agricultural tions with headquarters at Davis . MAY 1969 Field Sta­Canyon Road , State Road 180 , to Peach Avenue , approximately 4 miles from the center of the city , and south on Peach Avenue 1 mile . The station has 20 acres at this site and , under cooperative agreement with Fresno State College Foundation , utilizes 40 acres on the College Campus . The Agricultural Research Service Crops Re­search Division conducts research on production problems with grapes , plums , apricots , almonds , peaches and nectarines with emphasis on develop­ment of improved varieties and improved root­stocks . The field laboratory of the Horticultural Crops Branch , Market Quality Division , Agricultural Marketing Service , is also located at this station . This laboratory is concerned with post - harvest problems that arise during handling , transporta­tion and storage of fruits , vegetables , flowers and nursery stock . U . S . Horticultural Field Station 15 acres , San Diego County . Address : P . O . Box 150 , La Jona , California 92037 . This station is located on the campus of the University of California , San Diego , at 3550 Mira­mar Road . Work is centered on plant breeding for the de­velopment of disease resistance and better adapted varieties of lettuce and muskmelons for the South­west . Some work is done in tomato and squash breeding . Varieties developed here are field tested at the Southwestern Irrigation Field Station , and at several locations in the Central Valley . The Department of Pomology conducts some of its strawberry research work here . [ 23 ] Cooperative work is carried on with the depart­ments of Pomology , Vegetable Crops and Agri­cultural Engineering . U . S . Cotton Field Station 220 acres , Kern County . Address : Shafter Avenue , Shafter , California 93263 . The Cotton Field Station , located 2 miles north of the railroad crossing at the northeast edge of Shafter , is operated by the USDA Agricultural Research Service . It mainly investigates all phases of cotton improvement and , to a limited extent , other crops , primarily potatoes . A number of departments of the Division of Agricultural Sciences are actively cooperating on various cotton projects . Among them are Agri­cultural Engineering , Agronomy and Range Sci­ence , Botany , Enotmology , Water Science and Engineering , and Plant Pathology . U . S . Date and Citrus Station 25 acres , Riverside County . Address : 44 - 455 Clin­ton Street , Indio , California 92201 . This station , one - half mile west of Indio , on Clinton Street , between Avenues 44 and 45 , may be reached from Interstate 10 ( State 86 ) which diverges to the south . An additional 35 acres is located at Avenue 44 and Harrison Street - one mile east of Indio . The research program on citrus includes breed­ing and introduction for selection of new citrus varieties and new rootstocks suited to desert areas , fertilization studies , irrigation and salini ty in­vestigations , examination of stubborn disease and associated virus diseases , and selection of root­stocks resistant to Phytophthora root rot . The work on dates includes breeding and selection for variety improvement , fertilization studies , irriga­tion and salinity investigations , pruning , thinning and related practices in relation to yield , fruit size and quality . Some research work is coordinated with the University's Department of Horticultural Science . U . S . Horticultural Field Station 60 acres , Fresno County . Address : 2021 South Peach Avenue , Fresno , California 93727 . This station , on the south edge of the City of Fresno , can be reached by traveling east on Kings [ 22 ] STATEWIDE AGRICULTURAL FIELD STATIONS The nine statewide field stations , under the super­vision of the Field Station Administration , are multipurpose stations located in strategic areas of California from 8 miles north of the Mexican border to 4 miles south of the Oregon border . Any department of the Division of Agricultural Sciences may conduct investigations for which the climate or locality is particularly suitable . The research program at each field station is co­ordinated by a research committee of University staff members . To keep the University staff abreast of the cur­rent agricultural problems in the area most state­wide field stations have an Industry Advisory Committee which meets periodically with the University Research Committee for the station . Deciduous Fruit Field Station 18 acres , Santa Clara County : Address : 125 North Winchester Boulevard , San Jose , California 95128 . The Deciduous Fruit Field Station , between Santa Clara and San Jose , was established in the 1920 ' s . To reach the station from Berkeley , drive south on the Nimitz Freeway to the Stevens - Creek­Road turnoff which is well marked on the free­way . Leave the freeway at Stevens Creek Road and proceed . 4 mile to Winchester Boulevard ( third stop light ) . Turn right on Winchester Boulevard until you reach the station ( . 2 mile farther on the left ) . This station primarily investigates strawberry breeding and cultural problems , diseases of straw­berries , deciduous fruit , walnuts , and orna­mentals . Departments active at the station are Entomology , Pomology , Plant Pathology and Environmental Horticulture . Hopland Field Station 5307 acres , Mendocino County . Address : Route I , Box 53 , Hopland , California 95449 . To reach this station turn off U.S . highway 101 at Hopland on the Lakeport Road ( highway 175 ) and proceed through East Hopland . At the junc­tion just east of East Hopland turn left on the Talmage Road and drive approximately one block to a county road on the right . Follow signs to the station headquarters ( about 4 miles ) . [ 3 ] Air view of the Hopland Field Station showing the type of terrain included . The Hopland Field Station experiments on all phases of range improvement . A flock of sheep provides animals for numerous animal - husbandry experiments as well as grazing animals for measur­ing results in range improvement studies of other departments . Hydrological experiments on water­shed units measure the effect of cover manipula­tion on water yield , erosion and forage produc­tion . Wildlife investigations include studies of population dynamics , disease , parasites and competition with domestic animals of the large resident deer herd , and similar studies on range rodents . Control of range weeds , brush and tree control , range ecology , range fertilization and entomology are other important phases of the station research program . Departments doing research at this station in­clude : Agronomy and Range Science , Animal Science , Botany , Economics , Entomology , School of Forestry and Conservation , Water Science and Engineering , Plant Pathology , Soils and Plant Nutrition , Veterinary Medicine , Viticulture and Enology , and Zoology . Four resident staff mem­bers are located at the station . Imperial Valley Field Station 250 acres , Imperial County . Address : Route 1 , Box 121 , El Centro , California 92243 . The Imperial Valley Field Station is located on highway 80 , 7 miles east of El Centro or 4 [ 4 ] cotton , flax , soybeans , sugar beets and vegetable crops under irrigated desert conditions . Plant breeding to improve varieties of cotton , flax , let­tuce and cantaloupes is in progress . Cooperative work is carried on by the depart­ments of Agronomy and Range Science and Vegetable Crops of the Division of Agricultural Sciences of the University of California . The pro­gram at this station is coordinated with the work of the University Imperial Valley Field Station . United States Agricultural Research Station 180 acres , Monterey County . Address : P . O . Box 5098 , Salinas , California 9390l . The station headquarters is located on a 13 - acre site at 1636 East Alisal Street in Salinas , with the primary field research being located on a I 57 - acre site 6 miles south of the headquarters site . The principal investigations at this station are on sugar beet problems , including breeding , diseases , nematode control , and cultural studies . A pro­gram of lettuce breeding for improved horticul­tural type is underway . Some work on strawberry variety tests and breeding is being done . ' Work to develop machines for mechanically harvesting vegetable crops has recently been started . Experimental , precision - planted cotton at the station near Shafter . burning plants for fuel breaks ; 4 ) Medusa - head and other noxious weed control ; 5 ) roadbank ero­sion control and beautification ; 6 ) upland game and waterfowl food ; 7 ) sediment reduction and water quality control , and 8 ) emergency seeding of burned areas . San ] oaquin Experimental Range 4600 acres , Madera County . Address : Coarsegold , California 93614 . To reach this station , about 22 miles northeast of Madera , drive east through Madera 17 miles to California highway 41 , then turn left ( north ) about 5 miles to the entrance of the range . The work at the San Joaquin Experimental Range is composed of three major lines of man­agement research : management on native range , management on fertilized range , and manage­ment on range converted from brush to grass . Supporting research includes techniques of meas­uring range forage and cattle gains , sulfur fertili­zation , effect of sulfur fertilization on native and introduced legumes , and the effect of various rates and combinations of nitrogen , phosphorus , and sulfur herbage production , composition and date of range readiness . This station is owned by the USDA Forest Service and is operated by the Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station . Cooper­ating in the same phases of the program are the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the de­partments of Botany , and Soils and Plant Nutri­tion of the University of California . Other agen­cies cooperating in various phases of the program include livestock operators , agricultural chemical companies , Region 5 National Forest Administra­tion , Sierra and Sequoia National Forests , Fresno State College , and the California Division of Forestry . Southwestern Irrigation Field Station 188 acres , Imperial County . Address : P . O . Box 1339 , Brawley , California 92227 This station , located I mile southwest of Braw­ley on California highway 86 , is a general field station with emphasis on soils , irrigation , salinity , drainage , and agronomic problems . Research deals particularly with fertility , evapotranspira­tion , tile drainage and the production of citrus , [ 20 ] Shade for livestock at the Imperial Valley Field Station is important . miles west of Holtville . It is north of the highway and railroad across from the Meloland store . The station experiments with breeding and cultural problems of field and vegetable crops , livestock nutrition , environment , management and waste control , irrigation and salinity prob­lems under desert conditions and disease and insect problems of the crops under study . The location of the station in this interior desert valley makes it ideally suited to research work under desert agricultural environment . Departments having active programs at this station include : Agronomy and Range Science , Animal Science , Agricultural Engineering , Ento­mology , Water Science and Engineering , Soils and Plant Nutrition , and Vegetable Crops . Five resident staff members are located at this station . Cooperative work is carried on with the staff of the federal Southwestern Irrigation Field Station ; the work of these two stations in the Imperial Valley is closely coordinated . Sierra Foothill Range Field Station 5700 acres , Yuba County . Address : P.O . Box 28 , Browns Valley , California 95918 . To reach this station proceed east from Marys­ville on highway 20 for 14 miles , turn left on Long Bar Road and drive about 3Y2 miles on Long Bar Road to Ranch Headquarters . This station was purchased in June 1960 and [ 5 ] 700 acres were added in 1965 . Research here in­cludes work with range cattle , wildlife , brush conversion , reseeding , fertilization , grazing man­agement , watershed studies and fertility and dis­ease problems with cattle . Mapping of soils and vegetation has been accomplished . The research program is coordinated with similar work under­way at the Hopland Field Station . Departments active in the program are Agron­omy and Range Science , Agricultural Engineer­ing , Agricultural Economics , Animal Science , Zoology , Botany , Entomology , School of Forestry and Conservation , School of Veterinary Medicine and Department of Water Science and Engi­neering . Kearney Horticultural Field Station 275 acres , Fresno County . Address : P.O . Box 228 , Reedley , California 93654 . To reach the station from Fresno , proceed south on the freeway to the Manning Avenue turnoff , one mile south of Fowler . Proceed east on Manning Avenue to River Bend Avenue ( approximately 7Yz miles ) , turn right on River Bend Avenue l ; ; ! mile . From Reedley proceed west on Manning Avenue approximately two miles to River Bend Avenue , turn left on River Bend Avenue to station headquarters , l ; ; ! mile . The work of this station consists of a wide variety of studies on grapes , deciduous fruit and nuts including breeding new varieties , rootstock studies , mechanical harvesting , soil and water problems , entomological , nematological and pathological problems associated with these crops . An extensive study is under way on move­ment of salts in the soil profile and basic studies on the causes of salinity build - up , and corrective measures to prevent salinity build - up . Located at this station is a regional agricultural extension office , serving the San Joaquin valley . A number of area and statewide Extension Specialists are located here . Substantial cooperative work in grape , de­ciduous fruit and nut variety development is under way with the staff of the U . S . Horti­cultural Field Station in Fresno . Departments having active programs at this station include Agronomy and Range Science , Agricultural Engineering , Agricultural Extension , [ 6 ] Wheatland Ranch 8Yz acres , Sutter County . Address : c / o Depart­ment of Pomology , University of California , Davis , California 95616 . This site is located in Block 203 of the Wheat­land Ranch of the Del Monte Corporation . It is used for testing the performance of potential new peach varieties developed in the variety improve­ment program of the Department of Pomology . FEDERAL STATIONS ON THE FOLLOWING eight stations , operated by the United States Department of Agriculture , con­siderable cooperative work is carried on by various departments of the Division of Agricultural Sciences . Staff members of the University of Cali­fornia are located at several of these stations . The work of the University staff members is co­ordinated with and supplemented by the work at these federal stations . Plant Materials Center 60 acres , Alameda County . Address : P.O . Box 368 , Pleasanton , California 94566 . The Plant Materials Center is located near the town of Pleasanton , at 1500 West Rose Avenue . It is operated by the USDA Soil Conservation Service and serves all Soil Conservation Districts in California and three in western Nevada . All technical work is conducted in cooperation with the University of California Agricultural Experi­ment Station . Extensive work on plant testing for wildlife habitat improvement is conducted co­operatively with the California Department of Fish and Game . Other work and studies are con­ducted in cooperation with several other federal , state , and private organizations , including the Agricultural Research Service , Forest Service , Ex­tension Service , Bureau of Land Management , State Division of Forestry and Carnegie Institu­tion of Washington . The Plant Materials Center is working co­operatively to improve all lands , including urban and agjOicultural , by developing better plants and cultural practices . New conservation plants are constantly being sought and developed for 1 ) critical area treatment , including bank stabiliza­tion in small watershed projects ; 2 ) covercrops to control erosion in orchards ; 3 ) low volume - slow [ 19 ] LEASED AREAS FOUR AREAS are at present leased by the Uni­versity for experimental purposes by one depart­ment of the Division of Agricultural Sciences . In general , no capital improvements or resident personnel are located at these sites . The leases are for ~ hort periods and are terminated upon com­pletlOn of the project for which they were established . Limoneira Tract L 11.4 acr ~ s , Ventura County . Address : Department of HortIcultural Science , University of California , Riverside , California 92502 . This site , known as Tract L of the Rancho Ex­Mission , is leased from Limoneira Company for 15 years , beginning 1959 . It is being used for citrus and avocado variety improvement research , to test the response of promising imported and do­mestic strains and scions to the climatic conditions of the Ventura County area . It will serve as a primary source of budwood and seed of true - to­type citrus varieties and rootstocks free of virus diseases . Merriam Brothers Home Ranch 7 acres , Stanislaus County . Address : c / o Dept . of Pomology , University of California , Davis , Cali­fornia 95616 . This site is part of the Merriam Brothers Home Ranch east of Hickman , on the LaGrange Road . It is used for investigations on peach breeding , rootstock studies , and disease and insect control . Monterey Bay Academy 2Yz acres , Santa Cruz . Address : c / o Dept . of Po­mology , University of California , Davis , Cali­fornia 95616 . This site is leased from the Monterey Bay Academy , Seventh Day Adventist Church on San Andreas Road at Watsonville , California . It is used for breeding and testing strawberry varieties and cultural systems . The work here parallels the strawberry work underway at the USDA station at Salinas and augments the program at the Uni­versity Deciduous Fruit Field Station at San ] ose . [ 18 ] Botany , Entomology , Horticultural Science , Kearney Foundation of Soil Science , Nematology , Plant Pathology , Pomology , Soils and Plant Nutri­tion , Vegetable Crops , Water Science and Engi­neering , and USDA . Lindcove Field Station 144 acres , Tulare County . Address : 22963 Carson Avenue , Exeter , California 93221 . The Lindcove Field Station , near the townsite of Lindcove , can be reached by turning east off U.S . highway 99 on State highway 188 . Drive through Visalia to YokohI , 19 miles east of U.S . hi ? hway 99 , turn left and proceed north 2V2 mIles and then east 1 ~ miles to the entrance of station . The primary objective of this station , which was . e ~ tablished in 1959 , is to develop improved vanetIes , rootstocks , and better cultural practices for the growing of citrus in the San Joaquin Valley . Studies will include citrus strain and root­stock evaluation , testing of foreign citrus intro­duction , a small citrus variety collection for breeding purposes , research on citrus fertilization , irrigation and other cultural practices , citrus lindcove Field Station from the air . Administration build­ing in lower left . breeding , citrus variety improvement and virus diseases , avocado breeding and variety evaluation , and studies on other subtropicals . The station will serve as the key foundation plot in the citrus variety improvement program which will furnish primary sources of true - to - name scion and root­stocks , free of known virus diseases . Some work is don ~ on agronomic and vegetable crops . Co­operatmg Departments : Horticultural Science , Agronomy and Range Science , Vegetable Crops , Plant Pathology and Entomology . South Coast Field Station 200 acres . Orange County . Address : 7601 Irvine Blvd . , Santa Ana , California 92705 . To reach this station leave Santa Ana on the freeway to San Diego . Drive 7 miles to the Central Avenue turnoff , then northeast o ~ Central Avenue 2 miles to Irvine Boulevard . Turn right on Irvine Boulevard and proceed one mile to the station . The South Coast Field Station is used for re­search work on avocados , citrus , lima beans , orna­mental horticulture , strawberries and vegetable cr ? ps . Supporting work in entomology , irrigation , solis and plant pathology is underway . Departments making use of the station's facili­ties include : Agronomy and Range Science , Ento­mology , Environmental Horticulture Water Science and Engineering , Horticulturai Science , Plant Pathology , Pomology , Soils and Plant Nu­trition , Vegetable Crops , and Viticulture and Enology . Tulelake Field Station 18 acres , Siskiyou County . Address : P.O . Box 447 , Tulelake , California 96134 . This station investigates field and vegetable crops . Most of the work done here concerns pri­ ~ ary crops of the area - cereals and potatoes . Exploratory work on new crops is continuous . Departments conducting work here include : Agronomy and Range Science , Agricultural Engi­ne ~ ring , Entom ~ logy , Plant Pathology , Water SCIence and Engmeering , Nematology , Soils and Plant ~ ~ trition , and Vegetable Crops . AdditIOnal land was rented in 1968 to provide more adequate plot areas . UNIVERSITY STATION The following station is used by several de­partments of the Division of Agricultural Sciences , but supervised and administered by departments outside Agriculture . White Mountain Research Station 12,800 acres , Mono County . Addresoi : University of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . This station is located on the White Mountain Range east of Bishop . It consists of a head­quarters , 3000 East Line Street , Bishop , at an altitude of 4,050 feet ; the Crooked Creek Labora­tory 10,150 feet ; the Barcroft Laboratory at 12,470 feet ; and the Summit Laboratory at 14,250 feet . To reach the Crooked Creek Laboratory , pro­ceed east from Big Pine , on Westgaard Pass Road , 13 miles to summit , then turn north on dirt road to Crooked Creek , 20 miles . Before leaving Big Pine , telephone the station , either 873 - 4344 in Bishop or Bishop White Mountain 1 , so they may be expecting you . . The area ? f the station consists of 20 square m ~ les , occupled under a cooperative agreement WIth the U.S . Forest Service . The . station is administered by the University of Cahfornia , and additional maintenance funds are provided by the Office of Naval Research , and the National Aeronautics and Space Adminis­tration . T ~ e station is available to any department workmg on problems for which high - altitude facilities are advantageous . It has been used by . the dep ~ rtments . of Agronomy and Range SCIence , Ammal SCIence , Animal Physiology , Entomology , Food Science and Technology , and Poultry Husbandry . Commemorative plaque gives story of the Wolfskill sta­tion , near Winters . Gill Tract 33.5 acres , Alameda County . Address : 1050 San Pablo Avenue , Albany , California 94706 . The Gill Tract differs from other experimental areas in that it is not administered and used by one but by several departments of the Division of Agricultural Sciences . Completely under the di­rection of the Dean , College of Agricultural Sciences , Berkeley , the area is used mostly by departments from the Berkeley campus for both research and teaching purposes . Staff of the Di­vision of Biological Control are wholly housed on the Tract , with offices , laboratories , insectaries and greenhouses . The area also provides labora­tory , greenhouse , and field space for Entomology , School of Forestry and Conservation , Genetics , Insect Pathology , Plant Pathology , and Soils and Plant Nutrition . Also located at the Gill Tract is the USDA Biological Control of Weeds Investigations unit , using office , laboratory , and air - conditioned green­house facilities leased from the University . [ 16 ] Some of the strawberry varietal test plots at the South Coast Field Station , near Santa Ana and . . . . . . Some of the varieties developed by U.c . experimenters in test at South Coast and elsewhere in the state . SEQUOIA TIOGA ALiSO I Administration building at the West Side Field Station , south of Five Points . West Side Field Station 320 acres , Fresno County . Address : P.O . Box 158 , Five Points , California 93624 . To reach this station drive south 6 miles from the town of Five Points on Lassen Avenue to Oak­land Avenue . Turn west on Oakland Avenue Y2 mile to station headquarters . Work at the vVest Side Field Station started in the spring of 1959 , and consists of research on alfalfa seed production , cotton , grain sorghums , oil crops , grass seed production , vegetable crops , and viticulture , with supporting work in ento­mology , irrigation , plant pathology and soils . Departments presently active in the research program at the station include : Agronomy and Range Science , Botany , Entomology , vVater Science and Engineering , Plant Pathology , Pom­ology , Soils and Plant Nutrition , Viticulture and Enology , and Vegetable Crops . Extensive coopera­tion with USDA staff members at the Shafter Sta­tion is underway in the cotton program . Three resident staff members are located here . [ 10 ] Research at this station is mainly directed to­ward problems related to rice , with limited work done on alternate crops . Rice investigations in­clude breeding , variety testing , weed control , soil fertility , green manure , rice physiology , ento­mology and improved cultural techniques . The Rice Experiment Station is owned by the California Cooperative Rice Research Founda­tion , Inc . , and operated by the University'S De­partment of Agronomy and Range Science in co­operation with the foundation and the USDA . In addition to the Department of Agronomy and Range Science , the departments of Entomology , Water Science and Engineering , and Plant Pa­thology carryon active programs at this station . W olfskill Experimental Orchard 164 acres , Solano County . Address : c / o Depart­ment of Pomology , University of California , Davis , California 95616 . The Wolfskill Experimental Orchard lies on the north edge of Solano County , just south of the town of Winters . To reach the station drive south through Winters across the Putah Creek Bridge . Turn west on county road along the creek and proceed one mile . The orchard , located at the headquarters site of John R . Wolfskill's Rancho Rio de los Putos , began in 1937 when 107 acres were bequeathed by Wolfskill heirs to the University as an experi­mental farm for fruit research . It is devoted to research on the cultural problems , breeding and variety improvement of deciduous tree - fruit and nuts , olives and strawberries . Forest Products Laboratory 4.5 acres , Contra Costa County . Address : 1301 S . 46th Street , Richmond , California 94804 . The Forest Products Laboratory is located in Richmond near the intersection of 47th Street and highway 17 . The modern laboratory struc­ture completed in 1955 serves as a center for theoretical and applied studies in wood physics , wood chemistry , and related fields , with the pri­mary objective of increasing the usefulness of California's timber crop to the people of the state . The laboratory has its own director , but functions under the general administration of the School of Forestry and Conservation . [ 15 ] Napa Experimental Vineyard 40 acres , Napa County . Address : P.O . Box 21 , Oakville , California 95462 . This station , located in the Napa Valley west of State highway 29 , can be reached by turning west off highway 29 about 1Yz miles south of Oakville on to the county road . Cross drain ditch to right and proceed west y ; I mile to station . The station consists of two parcels of land , 20 acres each . The second parcel lies 6 / 10 miles north of headquarters . The Napa Experimental Vineyard is used for research work on grape varieties , breeding , cultural methods , diseases and insects . The work is under the direction of the Department of Viti­culture and Enology with cooperative projects in Plant Pathology , Entomology , Nematology , Agricultural Engineering and Botany . Rice Experiment Station 124 acres , Butte County . Address : P.O . Box 306 , Biggs , California 95917 . . This station is located about 6 mIles northwest of Biggs . Drive north from the Biggs turnoff on U.S . highway 99 East 4 miles to Butte City Road , then west about 2Yz miles to railroad crossing . Weather - recording instruments in the Experimental vine­yard near Napa . [ 14 ] DEPARTMENTAL AGRICULTURAL FIELD STATIONS The eleven experimental areas listed here are used mainly by one department of the Division of Agricultural Sciences , and are supervised and administered by that department . Blodgett Forest Research Station 2,891 acres , El Dorado County . Address : c / o Dean , School of Forestry and Conservation , Uni­versity of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . The Blodgett Research Station is located on the Georgetown - Wentworth Springs Road 15 miles east of Georgetown and 4 miles north of Pino Grande . The tract consists of 2,731 acres of young - growth mixed - conifer forest and related vegetative types given to the University in 1933 by the Michigan - California Lumber Compan ! , plus a 160 - acre inholding purchase of the Ulll­versity in 1962 . A headquarters development pro­vides accommodations and related facilities for research personnel working at the station . The area is used for research and graduate instruc­tion in forestry and related fields and for demon­stration of forest management techniques . Howard Forest 83 acres , Mendocino County . Address : c / o Dean , School of Forestry and Conservation , University of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . The Howard Forest is located astride highway 101 ( the Redwood Highway ) 8 miles south of Willits at Ridgewood Summit . It was acquired in 1931 as a result of land exchange and gift to the University . The tract includes stands of young - growth Douglas - fir and related vegetative types . A limited program of research in . forest growth is conducted at the forest . A portIOn of the area is leased to the State Division of Forestry as an administrative site . Russell Tree Farm 262 acres , Contra Costa County . Address : c / o Dean , School of Forestry and Conservation , Uni­versity of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . The Russell Tree Farm is located north of Lafayette at the eastern end of the watershed flowing into the Briones Reservoir . The area was [ 11 ] This terrain is typical of that found in most of Blodgett Forest , near Georgetown . acquired through a bequest from Mr . A . S . Russell in 1962 and subsequent gifts from Mrs . Russell . The area constitutes a complete small watershed , with grass and chaparral cover on the steeper ground and tree plantations on the valley floor . The area is used for research by departments of the Berkeley campus concerned with biology and also serves as the site of the Leuschner Ob­servatory . Sagehen Creek Wildlife - Fisheries Research Station 150 acres , Nevada County . Address : P.O . Box 447 , Truckee , California 95734 . The Sagehen Creek Station is located 11 miles north of Truckee on state highway 89 . The area is occupied under special - use permit granted by the U.S . Forest Service on the Tahoe National Forest . The Station is a center for research in wildlife and stream ecology and trout habitat management . Field courses in entomology and zoology are also held at the Station during the summer period . The Station is open throughout the year . [ 12 ] V.C . Forestry Camp 140 acres , Plumas County . Address : c / o Dean , School of Forestry and Conservation , University of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . The U.c . Forestry Camp is located 2 miles west of Meadow Valley P.O . and 1;2 mile south of the Quincy - Bucks Lake Road approximately 9 miles west of Quincy . Facilities for 50 students and teaching staff have been developed on a 20 - acre special use permit granted by the U.S . Forest Service on the Plumas National Forest . An ad­ditional 40 acres under special - use permit are reserved for long - term ecological studies . In ad­dition , the University acquired 80 acres of ad­jacent cutover land in 1948 to serve as a water­shed for the camp . The camp is used primarily as the site of the field courses required for all students majoring in forestry . Whitaker's Forest 320 acres , Tulare County . Address : c / o Dean , School of Forestry and Conservation , University of California , Berkeley , California 94720 . Whitaker's Forest , 5 miles northeast of Badger and 2 miles south of the Generals ' Highway near the General Grant Grove of the Sequoia National Park , was bequeathed to the University in 1914 by Horace Whitaker . It includes more than 200 old Sequoia gigantea veterans and fine stands of young Sequoia . It is a center for research in forestry and for related ecological studies con­ducted by other departments . Part of the tent area where students a re housed at the Forestry Camp . [ 13 ]
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