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Title MAINTAINING LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT: Herbicide-resistant weeds challenge some signature cropping systems
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Invasive and endemic weeds pose recurring challenges for California land managers. The evolution of herbicide resistance in several species has imposed new challenges in some cropping systems, and these issues are being addressed by UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors, specialists and faculty. There are currently 24 unique herbicide-resistant weed biotypes in the state, dominated by grasses and sedges in flooded rice systems and, more recently, glyphosate-resistant broadleaf and grass weeds in tree and vine systems, roadsides and glyphosate-tolerant field crops. Weed scientists address these complex issues using approaches ranging from basic physiology and genetics research to applied research and extension efforts in grower fields throughout the state. Although solutions to herbicide resistance are not simple and are affected by many biological, economic, regulatory and social factors, California stakeholders need information, training and solutions to address new weed management problems as they arise. Coordinated efforts conducted under the Endemic and Invasive Pests and Disease Strategic Initiative directly address weed management challenges in California's agricultural industries.

Hanson, Bradley D. : B.D. Hanson is UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Specialist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Wright, Steven D
Farm Advisor- Tulare and Kings Counties - Emeritus
Cotton, small grains, weed control
Sosnoskie Dr, Lynn M.
Agronomy and Weed Science Advisor
Weed Biology, Ecology, and Management
Fischer, Albert
Assistant Professor
Weeds, rice
Jasieniuk Dr, Marie A.
Evolution, genetics, and spread of herbicide resistance; population genetics of agricultural weeds and invasive plants
Roncoroni, John A
Weed Science Farm Advisor, Emeritus
Weed Control and Vegetation Management in Perennial Crops, Covercrops and Aquatic Weed Control
Hembree, Kurt J.
Weed Management Farm Advisor
Weed management strategies in crop and non-crop settings
Orloff, Steve
County Director/Farm Advisor
Conducts research & educational program with alfalfa, small grains, irrigated pasture, and noncrop weed control with emphasis on variety adaptation, pest management, irrigation, and general production practices
Shrestha, Anil
IPM Weed Ecologist
Development and implementation of IPM strategies and tactics for vegetation management. Primary crops corn, cotton, tree fruit, grape, tomato.
Al-Khatib, Kassim
Professor, Plant Sciences
CE Specialist in Weed Sciences
Publication Date Oct 1, 2014
Date Added Mar 31, 2015
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Little or no crop rotation and limited herbicide options have contributed to the rise of herbicide-resistant weeds in orchards, vineyards and rice fields.

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