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Photo Information Santa Monica Mission-style Kitchen Garden
Auerbach, Jane: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description To meet our continuing education requirement, I take a garden itinerary course offered by Santa Monica College Emeritus. One week some years ago, we visited this Santa Monica backyard kitchen garden, which nods to California's mission heritage with its formal layout, Mediterranean climate-friendly orange and pomegranate trees, vegetable beds (beyond the gate) and clipped, water-thrifty shrubs. However, its focal point is this dazzling native Vitis californica 'Roger's Red' -- proof, if any were needed, that leaves do indeed change color here in autumn! Permeable decomposed granite pathways allow rainwater to percolate deep into the ground. And in keeping with our reduce-reuse-and-recycle ethic, another echo of mission self-sufficiency, grape wood prunings have been repurposed into the garden gate.

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