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Photo Information Katydid on tabletop succulent fools my husband
Herrmann, Launa: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description Looks like a new leaf just sprouted, my husband said, pointing to the succulent plant sitting atop our patio table. After I unload the lunch tray of sandwiches I was carrying, I glanced at what had caught his interest. The more I stared, the more I saw -- eyes, legs, long thin antennae. I don't think that is a leaf, I said. Looks like a katydid. For the past couple years my grandson and I have enjoyed playing the board game Bug Bingo, and sure enough, I found the exact card I remembered. Interesting enough, further research revealed katydids are nocturnal. So I assume the visitor to my yard was both thristy and hungry as it appeared to be nibbling on the new tender growth of the plant and perhaps had also discovered the aphids nearby. After reviewing the UC IPM information on katydids and their love of citrus trees, I decided to nip this new leaf in the bud so to speak because I enjoy the small crop of oranges I pick each year from one of the few trees left in my small yard.

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