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Title Creatures in the Garden 87
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Photo Information Scrub Jay Gathering Nest Materials from Coir Lined Basket
Sands, Sally: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description One late afternoon in May, after spending time pruning and raking, I enjoyed viewing a corner of my garden in Sonoma through the window from my favorite comfortable chair and soon became engrossed in my current book. Before long I was distracted by activity outside. How wonderful it was to see a scrub jay come up to the coir lined basket, pecking at it to gather material for a nest nearby. I quickly grabbed my phone and took photos even though I knew the window glass reflection would detract from the quality of the shot. Back and forth he came until he was satisfied that he had enough. My bird bath nearby supplied a cool drink after the productive nest-building. I could hear the jays talking to each other in the distance and I was glad I could provide them with these very important ingredients.

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