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Photo Information It had been a front lawn. Now it is all edible landscaping. The lawn was sheet composted in fall, and by spring the area was shaped into a berm and swale to catch rain water, and planted with young fruit trees, luffa ground cover, and goji berries.
Lampe, Christine: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description In fall of 2013, about 1/3 of the grass in our front yard was sheet composted (aka lasagna mulched). I liked how it was an easy way to convert lawn to planting beds, and my plan was to take advantage of the winter rains to help the composting process, and it worked beautifully. My husband helped terrace the area with large rocks, formed a berm and swale to slow down the rain water runoff, and then we planted the area all with edibles. In the center is an avocado tree, and around the edges of the rock terrace are a young apple tree and a young pomegranate. Goji berries grow in the lower level, and yellow-flowered luffa gourd has taken over as ground cover. A wooden garden arch makes for a nice entrance, with a passionvine planted to grow over it. Two year old kale is on the right looking like a grove of small palm trees.With the experience of doing this technique, I now give talks on it as a member of our Speakers Bureau.

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