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Title Creatures in the Garden 54
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Photo Information Hummer Babies - Last Day In The Nest
Beasley, Karena: UC Master Gardener Vol.
Description The photo was taken in the Beasley Ono Garden. A home garden dedicated to feeding the critters of our world. The photo was taken at the end of May, 2017. I first saw the nest in the backyard of our garden as the mother Anna's hummingbird was building her nest in the 40+ year old ginko tree.I checked the nest every day. As soon as momma started leaving the nest more frequently, for longer periods of time, I knew the eggs had hatched. Before long I saw 2 beaks poking out over the edge of the nest. I started checking on them twice a day. A few weeks later, after many visits and photographs, my babies flew away. This photo was taken the day before they flew away. I was pretty sure they were very close to leaving. Sure enough, the next day one was gone and two hours later the second had flown, leaving me with a case of empty best syndrome!

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