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Plant Diagnostics

Speaker Name
Janine Hasey
Speaker Title
UCCE Tree Crop and Horticulture Advisor, County Director, Sutter-Yuba Counties

Learning how to diagnosis plant problems (plant diseases, insect damage, abiotic problems including assessment of herbicide damage) and the identification of insects and weeds is an essential skill of a UC Master Gardener volunteer. Knowing what information to gather, how to describe damage, plant or insect parts, all assist the diagnostic process. This two hour intensive with UCCE Tree Crop and Environmental Horticulture Advisor Janine Hasey will help develop skills and confidence on how to diagnose plant problems and where to find information and solutions to those issues.


Date & Time
Wed. Aug. 23 pm (10 am - noon) & SOLD OUT Thurs. Aug. 24 (3:10 - 5:10 pm)

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