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Session B

LandEscape: Plan a Low Maintenance-High Enjoyment Garden!

Speaker Name
Kirk Brown
Speaker Title
Kirk Brown, President, The Association of Garden Communicators (GWA)

Plan a new garden landscape, plant color and seasonality to update and enhance property value. Practice low maintenance gardening. Enjoy time in the outdoors instead of being a slave to mowing, sowing and growing chores. LandEscape will guide you through the dizzying array of new plants, outdoor materials, design choices, sources, and sites that can define an outdoor Landscaped Lifestyle. From the oldest trade secrets of best plants and practices to the newest introductions of green roof technology, pollinator gardening, the latest hardscape materials and mixed-use residential environments, this course will encourage everyone to relax into his or her own “LandEscape!”


Date & Time
Thurs. Aug. 24 (10:20 - 11:20 am)

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