Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management
University of California
Asian Citrus Psyllid Distribution and Management


The strategy for all regions is to minimize the number of extra pesticide treatments applied for ACP in order to preserve IPM programs for other pests and reduce the risk of resistance developing.

Coachella/Imperial area-wide program: ACP is established in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys. The area-wide program for this region consists of a coordinated application in late winter to kill overwintering adults and to protect spring flush, and a coordinated fall treatment to protect the fall flush. Additional grower choice treatments are encouraged in between coordinated treatments. Whenever treating for another pest, choose a pesticide that will also control ACP. For example, Delegate, Exirel, Micromite, imidacloprid, and Platinum treatments (shown in red) applied for common pests would assist with ACP control.

Special Notes for Coachella and Imperial Growers

  • The goal is to suppress psyllids below 0.5 nymph/flush.
  • The extreme heat in these valleys helps to suppress psyllids because it hardens off the leaves and the psyllid has no place to lay eggs.
  • If sampling demonstrates psyllid populations are increasing ahead of the timing of the coordinated treatment, then apply a full orchard or border spray (if psyllids are only found on the borders) in addition to the coordinated treatme
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