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1. Antimicrobial resistance in cow-calf operations

Adult cows and calves on twenty ranches in northern California had fecal samples taken to evaluate bacteria in feces for antimicrobial resistance.    

2. Literature reviews on three important diseases in cow-calf operations in California

The scientific literature was searched to summarize practices that help ranchers avoid using antimicrobials for the three diseases where most antimicrobials are used on cow-calf operations according to a survey by the Calfornia Department of Food and Agriculture. The review on pinkeye is available here. The review on calf scour vaccines is available here.

3. Anaplasma epidemiology in California 

A survey of beef ranchers in California was conducted on their experience with anaplasmosis and on their practices to manage the disease in their herds. A sero-survey of 100 of these herds is following up the paper survey to assess prevalence of Anaplasma positive herds and to characterize the strain types circulating in California beef herds.

4. Dewormer efficacy

A trial in a cow-calf herd to compare different deworming strategies for both dams and calves.

5. Efficacy of monensin supplementation in stocker calves 

We are fine-tuning the best monensin supplementation in a mineral mix to optimize mineral intake and growth by comparing different doses. Pathogenic coccidia shedding is compared as well.