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California 4-H Association

California 4-H Association

CA 4-H Association
The California 4-H Association is a nationally recognized network of youth development professionals committed to advancing the professional status of the 4-H staff and academics through professional improvement.

The primary purpose of the Association is professional improvement and individual growth. The Association’s goals are:

  1. To provide an opportunity to network and learn from colleagues, both in California and nationwide.
  2. To promote professional development among 4-H youth staff by providing guidelines and curriculum of study, professional improvement workshops, and vehicles for communication (Professional Development).
  3. Recognize Association members for achievement, innovation, and service (Recognition).
  4. To establish contact with and support for the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents.


2019-2020 Board of Directors

Effective September 1, 2019 to August 30, 2020

Office Name Email Title Term
President Liliana Vega 4-H Youth Development Advisor One year end 2021 (Rotates to past president)
President-Elect Ryan P. Cleland 4-H Community Education Specialist One year, ends 2022
(rotates to President)
VP for Membership Nicole Marsall-Wheeler 4-H Youth Development Advisor Two years, ends 2022
VP for Recognition Car Mun Kok 4-H Youth Development Advisor Two years, ends 2022
VP for Communications Yu Meng YFC Advisor Two years, ends 2022
VP for Finance Vera M. Bullard 4-H Program Representative Two years, ends 2022
Past President Russell Hill Associate 4-H Youth Development Advisor One year, ends 2020
(rotates to Past President)
Past President Charles Go 4-H Youth Development Advisor One year, ends 2020
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