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25 Year Recognition

For NAE4-HA members who have completed 25 years or more of service. More information at: 

Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty

Lynn has had a rich career with appointments at the University of Wisconsin and the University of California.
During her 25-year career, Lynn has served the 4-H youth development program as a staff member, a county-based academic in STEM, county director, vice provost, and state program leader.

Fe Moncloa

Dr. Fe Moncloa is an educator and advocate for social justice. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She dedicated her career to engaging Latino youth and families in California to exert agency in their lives and strengthen communities. Her applied research is in Latino youth development and intercultural communication.

Dr. Charles Go, Ph.D.

For over two decades, Charles has worked as the 4-H youth development advisor with UC ANR in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. He is thankful to the 4-H community for the volunteer ups and downs, youth who grew up and made him feel old, and colleagues for memorable experiences.

Keith Nathaniel


John Borba



Jane Chin Young 2010 25 Year Award Recipient

Jane Chin Young

Jane has served as a 4-H advisor in counties in both Southern and Northern California, with a focus on volunteer leader development, nutrition education, therapeutic horseback riding, and outreach to diverse audiences. She was a chaperone for National 4-H Congress, National 4-H Conference, and the LABO Japanese Exchange.

Darlene Liesch 2009 25-year Award Recipient

Darlene Liesh

Darlene has served as 4-H advisor, volunteer and currently the CountyDirector for the 4-H Youth Development program in California.  She has experienced 4-H from many perspectives:  member, volunteer, 4-H Youth Development Advisor and currently CountyDirector.  She appreciates the positive impact that 4-H can have on a child. As a 4-H advocate, Darlene ensures awareness and support for 4-H such as securing funding for a full time outreach position.


Michael Marzolla - 2008 25-year Award Recipient

Michael Marzolla

Michael Marzolla, 4-H Youth Development & Master Gardener Advisor in Santa Barbara County. Since 1983, Michael has served as an Advisor with University of California Cooperative Extension in Santa Barbara County. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of non-formal environmental education having worked in national and international settings. He is fluent in Spanish and has extensive experience working with diverse communities.

Sue Manglallan
25 Year Service Award Recipient 2005

Sue Manglallan

Sue Manglallan, 4-H Youth and Family Development Advisor in San Diego County developed a 4-H Foundation managed afterschool program that reaches 700 youth annually.She co-authored, Leaders Manual for K-3 Grade Youth, Youth Experience in Science and four after school curricula.
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