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Achievement in Service Award

Achievement in Service Award (ASA)

Any current member of NAE4-HYDP who has paid dues for a minimum of the immediate two consecutive years prior to the current year may apply provided he/she has served more than three (3) years but less than seven (7) years in Extension 4-H Youth Development
Programs. ASA quota is based on total paid membership including living life members received/paid

Brenda Vales 2023 ASA

Brenda Vales

Brenda Vales is the 4-H Community Education Specialist for the University of California in Contra Costa County. She has supported the local and statewide 4-H program for 6 years; specializing
in finance, record keeping, and presentations. Brenda uses her experience to foster life skills in 4-H youth.

Stephanie Barrett 2022 ASA

Stephanie Barrett

Stephanie Barrett is the 4-H Community Education Supervisor for Imperial, Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties. She strives to support staff, volunteers, and youth to learn, grow, and work together to bring positive change that will result in healthy food systems, environments, communities, and people in California.

Nicole Marshall-Wheeler

Nicole Marshall-Wheeler

Nicole is a 4-H Advisor for the University of California 4-H Program and is currently the Vice President of Membership for the California 4-H Association. Nicole was a 3rd generation California 4-H youth member and volunteer before becoming a professional staff member for the program.

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