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May 11-12, 2022: Water Resilience for Vineyards in Drought

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Martínez-Lüscher J, Chen CCL, Brillante L, Kurtural SK. 2017. Partial Solar Radiation Exclusion with Color Shade Nets Reduces the Degradation of Organic Acids and Flavonoids of Grape Berry (Vitis vinifera L.). J Agric Food Chem 65:10693–10702.



Martínez-Lüscher J, Chen CCL, Brillante L, Kurtural SK. 2020. Mitigating Heat Wave and Exposure Damage to “Cabernet Sauvignon” Wine Grape With Partial Shading Under Two Irrigation Amounts   . Front Plant Sci   11:1760.



Valenzuela F, Reineke D, Leventini D, Chen C, Barrett-Lennard E, Colmer T, Dodd I, Shabala S, Brown P, Bazihizina N. 2022. Plant responses to heterogeneous salinity: agronomic relevance and research priorities. Ann Bot.


Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Chen CCl. 2022. Out of Sync - vineyard responses to changing conditions. UC ANR.

Article: Out of Sync - UCCE Newsletter (April 2022)


Chen CCL. 2022. Wine Without Water – strategies for farming grapes in California’s drought. UC ANR.

Article: Wine Without Water - UCCE Newsletter 2022


Chen CCL. Feb 2022. Salinity and Grapevines - VEN 101B UC Davis guest lecture

Article: Salinity and Grapevines - Lecture 2022