Agricultural Economics
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Agricultural Economics

Costs and Returns Page 2

Bell Pepper  Imperial   Production, 2000
  Ventura   Fresh Production, 2012/2013
     Process Production, 2012/2013
Bermuda Grass Imperial   Establishment and Production, Hay, 2004
     Combination Seed, Hay, 2004
     Seed Production, Hay, 2004
Blueberries  Regional/Coastal   Projected, PDF, 2002
     Projected, Excel, 2002
  San Luis Obispo,  Establishment and Production, Conventional, 2007
  Santa Barbara, Ventura   Establishment and Production, Organic, 2007
Broccoli  Imperial   Fresh Market, 2004
  Ventura   Production, 1999 
Cabbage Imperial   Fresh Market, 2004
  Ventura   Fresh Market, 2012/2013
Cantaloupe  Imperial   Mid-Bed Trench, 2004
     Spring, Slant Bed, 2004



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