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Stories from the Field

Cathi Lamp - Engaging the community

Cathy Lamp's passion for nutrition science stems from her curiosity. "I love exploring and trying new things," she said. Read more.

Christopher Greer - Cultivating a key crop

Because it's grown in standing water, rice has the undeserved reputation of being a heavy water user. In fact, the water is later recycled on other crops or flows back into a river. Read more.

David Doll - Doctoring almond orchards

David Doll is delivers timely advice and information to farmers who manage the 110,000 acres of almonds growing in Merced County. Read more.


Doug Parker - Focusing on the drought

The last few years of drought came at a pivotal time for Doug Parker. Just before the dry spell began, Parker was named director of the UC California Institute for Water Resources. Read more.


Jeff Dahlberg - Studying gluten-free sorghum

Jeff Dahlberg is conducting sorghum variety trials in the San Joaquin Valley. Sorghum is drought-tolerant, can do well with increased levels of salinity and it is a nutritious, gluten-free whole grain. Read more.


Lorrene Ritchie - Tackling obesity in America

A combination of policy change, environment change, education and promotion is most likely to have an impact on the obesity epidemic. Read more.

Mark Bolda - Providing a research advantage

A Peace Corps veteran, Bolda says it's totally different in the U.S., where "we have the power of University of California research behind us." Read more.


Mark Hoddle - Protecting California crops

When new pests find their way into California, they rarely bring along the natural enemies that keep them in check in their native habitat. Mark Hoddle travels the world to provide biological control alternatives to California agriculture. Read more.


Missy Gable - Sharing her passion

Missy Gable has a passion for gardening and food preservation. As the director of the UC programs aimed at sharing safe home food production and preservation practices, she is helping alleviate local food security issues. Read more.


Rachael Surls - Ushering in 'urban ag'

Urban farming can improve access to healthy food, promote community development, and create jobs. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources' Rachel Surls is boosting the new trend in LA County. Read more.


University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) is a division of the University with scientists based on three UC campuses and in UC Cooperative Extension offices serving all California counties. UC ANR conducts research and shares research-based information with the public about agricultural production, environmental stewardship, water policy, youth development and nutrition. UC ANR offers 4-H to youth in California, nutrition education to low-income children and families, and scientific support that helps farmers address challenges and maintain economic viability.

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