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Factsheets, Workshops, and Other Resources

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UCCE Marin’s factsheets are written for Marin producers on many of the essential topics related to agriculture. Browse the full list of factsheets here.

Ag Ombudsman
The Ag Ombudsman provides Marin producers with information and assistance on the many rules and regulations that apply to commercial agriculture. Meet UCCE Marin’s Ag Ombudsman here.

Past Workshops
UCCE Marin has conducted many workshops on topics and practices that can strengthen your ag operation. Access information and resources from past workshops here.

Many articles, reports and other documents have been published about agriculture in Marin. Browse a list of these documents, as well as links to important summaries of the industry by the University of California and the USDA here.

Resource Agencies and Ag Partners
We work with many great organizations to support a stronger ag industry in Marin and a healthier food system for all. See a list of our partners here.

Grown in Marin News
Grown in Marin News was first published in 2002 to share information about Marin agriculture and the broader food system in our county. Browse 14 years of archived issues here.