Integrated Weed Management
University of California
Integrated Weed Management

>75% Tree Cover

Barb Goatgrass, >75% Tree Cover.  This high tree cover does not support a niche for weeeds.

Tree cover will be very dense trees.  

Please select the Landscape Position that best represents your patch.  To help you identify the landscape position where your patch is located, the picture below has flat ground in the forefront, hillsides in the middle, and steeper slopes in the background.


Landscape position - Flat
Landscape position - Flat  "Flat" can have a gentle slope up to 10%.  

Landscape position - Hillside
Landscape position - Hillside  "Hillside" will be any hills up to 30-40%.  These will be easy to traverse.

Landscape position - Steep
Landscape position - Steep  Steep is going to be over 40% and are more difficult to climb.

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