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Research and More Information on Barb Goatgrass

Research papers

Barb Goatgrass  UCCE publication providing basic information on Barb goatgrass from identification, impact, life cycle, and control.

Carefully timed burning can control barb goatgrass  Cal Ag article. Barb goatgrass is a noxious annual grass that is rapidly invading California’s grassland ecosystems.  No effective control strategies for managing barb goatgrass have been available that do not simultaneously injure other more desirable grass and broadleaf species.  In our study at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center, we conducted prescribed burning in late spring or early summer before barb goatgrass seeds had reached maturation.  One year of prescribed burning was not sufficient to control reestablishment the following year.  However, 2 years of complete burning gave effective control of barb goatgrass while increasing native perennial grass cover and native species richness, particulary legumes.  The success of the goatgrass control was directly proportional to the completeness of the second-year burn.

Susceptibility of Exotic Annual Grass Seeds to Fire  Invasive Plant Science and Management journal article.  The article looks at different intensity and timing of controlled burns to determine affect on seed survival.  Results showed no difference in timing of a burn as long as it is conducted before seed drop and when fuel load is high.

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