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The turf demonstration is located just west of Highway 99 between Florin Road and Mack Road.

Florin Creek Recreation Center
7460 Persimmon Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 391-7622

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Park hours are 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. but you can walk around the fenced plot to view the project including turf names.  Events will be posted on the 'News and Events' page of this site, or contact us for a guided tour.

The project is being managed by:

Chuck Ingels, UCCE Sacramento County Horticulture Advisor
4145 Branch Center Road
Sacramento CA 59827
(916) 875-6527

Also involved are the UC Master Gardeners
(916) 875-6913

Current volunteers include:

Jan Fetler
Patty Peterson

Many thanks to the following Master Gardeners for their help in the development of this project:

Jan Famestad
Teresa Hawkes
Lorraine van Kekerix
Bruce Kennedy

Tracy Lesperance
Ruth Ostroff?
Fred Schack
Pat Schink
Candace Schuncke

Thanks also to two members of Chuck Ingels' staff:

Ria DeBiase
Cort Dunnington

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