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Why become a Marin Master Gardener?

Are you interested in lifelong learning?  Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge of good gardening practices with home gardeners?  Do you love to garden?  And do you like volunteering in your community?  Read on to learn how to become a Marin Master Gardener...

Bleach Your Gardening Tools???

Is bleach solution the best choice for disinfecting pruning wounds and tools? Read on to discover is this is truth or myth...

Managing Thrips in the Garden

This tiny pest can be too small to see, but their damage can be apparent.  Read on to learn about this Bad News Bug... 

Treating Yellowjacket Nests

Yikes, Yellowjackets!

While yellowjackets can play a positive role in home gardens when they feed on caterpillars and grubs, they are unwelcome visitors when we sit down to enjoy an outdoor backyard barbeque. Learn more about these wasps and their habits, as well as suggestions to control them...

The Scoop on Fertilizers

What do all those numbers on the bags of fertilizers mean?  Is there really a difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers?  Read on for answers to these questions and more...

Got a Problem with Snails and Slugs?

You're out in the garden on a nice evening when there it is, the unmistakable slimy mucus trail.  Read on for tips on how to manage these molluscs...

Growing Edibles with Less Water

Irrigation Tips

Upcoming Events

Taking Care of Pruners

Spider Mites In Your Garden

Spider mites
Along with the warm, sunny days of summer comes the burden of pests, including spider mites. These little arachnids, related to spiders, look like tiny moving dots. You might see them on the undersides of leaves on both outdoor and indoor plants. Read on to find out how to identify and control them...

To Save Water – Mulch!

If last month is any indication, it is going to be a very warm summer. Keeping plants hydrated is critical during hot weather, and applying mulch to the garden can help retain soil moisture. Customers in the Marin Municipal Water District can even receive a one-time $50 rebate for applying organic mulch or compost to their gardens. Information is available on the MMWD website. To learn more about mulching your garden, read this recent article...

Applying Mulch

Reducing Pesticides in Your Garden

Rule #3 — Keep Our Water Clean
Home and garden pesticides and fertilizers are polluting California's waterways.  Follow these tips to keep our rivers, creeks, and oceans clean.  Read on to learn more...

Dry Season Water Conservation

As the weather warms and our rainy season ends, it’s time to think about how to keep plants hydrated while conserving water...

Dry Season is Fire Season

Following the 2017 Northern California fires, Sonoma Master Gardeners created resources to help residents plan for firewise landscaping and fire resistant plants.  

Opportunity Fund

UC Marin Master Gardeners are grateful for a tax-deductible donation to support our program.

Got garden questions? Ask a Master Gardener...

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Seasonal Farmers Markets open in May.  Visit a Master Gardener Help Desk at your local Farmers Market.  Click here for the schedule.


The mission of the Marin Master Gardeners is to extend research based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to Marin residents.

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