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Some drought-tolerant plants can be toxic or harmful and are for sale at your local plant nursery. Learn how to avoid injury and safely enjoy these beautiful plants in your drought-tolerant landscape.

View our plant profiles to learn how these plants can be toxic, poisonous or harmful and what steps you can take to mitigate these impacts to safely enjoy these plants and protect your family, friends and pets. 

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Fire Sticks


An example of a plant that has become increasingly popular in drought tolerant gardens is Fire Sticks (Euphorbia tirucalli). It requires little to no water and it has stunning reddish green foliage, but did you know that the plant exudes a toxic milky white sap?  Caution and care should be exercised at all times with this plant. By implementing a few safety measures like always wearing gloves and eye protection, you can safely plant this in your garden.

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