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Cattle Webinars


UC Cooperative Extension in collaboration with UC Davis Veterinary Medicine has been offering free online webinars. The sessions cover topics important to cattle health and management and include lots of visuals. Webinars were held live and participants had the opportunity to ask clarification questions on topics presented or with personal ranch questions or scenarios. This site includes recordings of the webinars and follow up resources.

This series was cohosted by University of California Cooperative Extension advisors Tracy Schohr, Grace Woodmansee, Rebecca Ozeran and specialist Dr. Gabriele Maier.

Pinkeye in Cattle

Featured Speaker: Dr. John Angelos, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

This webinar focuses on an overview of the biology and management of bovine pinkeye. Dr. Angelos, professor and chair, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine discusses cattle eye anatomy, pinkeye disease progression, and decision-making for developing treatment plans and prevention programs.


Herd Bull Health, Diseases and Injuries

Featured Speakers: Bret McNabb, DVM, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Herd bulls are the central component of the success for cow-calf producers. During this session key strategies are shared to keep your bulls healthy and prevent diseases. There is also a discuss on common bull injuries and feasibility of treatment options. 


Future Webinars and Questions

To receive notification of future webinars or for questions on the series please contact Tracy Schohr at tkschohr@ucanr.edu or 916-716-2643.