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8598 Livestock Protection Tools for California Ranches
Livestock Protection Tools for California Ranches

Macon, D.K, R.A. Baldwin, D.F. Lile, J. Stackhouse, C.K. Rivers, T. Saitone, T.K. Schohr, L.K. Snell, J. Harper, R. Ingram, K. Rodrigues, L. Macaulay, and L.M. Roche. 2018 January. Livestock protection tools for California ranchers. Oakland: University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 8598. 


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Ranching with Predators Schohr, Tracy. 2017 December.  

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November 18, 2018 (updated with additional activities November 28) -

On Thursday, November 8 Butte County was forever changed as California's Camp Fire broke out in the hills above Chico devastating the town of Paradise.  Reports have been made that the fire was burning the “size of a football field every second.” Residents fled for their lives and livestock producers in the path of the fire scrambled to rescue animals. Around noon that shattering day, the Butte County Fairgrounds was designed a large animal livestock evacuation facility and UC Cooperative Extension jumped into action. Here are just a few highlights of what has been happening..... 

-Collaborating with Camp Fire Watershed Emergency Response Team (WERT) and Animal Task Force.

- Collected forage samples to see what smoke and ash mean for the feed animals are eating in the region. 

- Worked with Farm Service Agency to develop resource guide for livestock producers impacted by the fire (click here).

- Established building of horse corrals at the Butte County Fairgrounds for large animal evacuation center and coordinating donations for feed and supplies. 

- Provided support to agricultural community to establish fund to support evacuated large animals - 

- Taken water and soil samples to see how rangelands and lower watershed may be changed from Camp Fire. 

- Answered media calls and interviews. 

- Assisted ranchers with navigating access to evacuation zones to care for animals and move livestock in collaboration with Butte County Agriculture Department and Camp Fire Animal Rescue under the direction of the Butte County Sheriff's office.

- Thursday night when the fire broke out, volunteered answering phone calls at the Butte County Fairground taking reports of missing people. 

- Established plan working with local ranchers and supporting businesses in case a large number of cattle were needed to be evacuated since they could not come to the Butte County Fairgrounds.

- Developed system with Butte County Agriculture Department, Cal-Fire, and Butte Animal Rescue (Sheriff's Department) to delineate care of animals in the evacuation zone. 

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Lastly, thanks those who have supported our local community in the disaster. We appreciate your generosity. 


October 1, 2018 - Frosty mornings, leaves dropping and the grass has turned. This signals the end of the mountain grazing season. The cattle and sheep are coming off of the Plumas and Tahoe Forest Service allotments and that means grazing utilization monitoring is taking place across the region. In collaboration with UC Davis/UC Rangelands team, we are monitoring...

    1. Meadow condition trends; and

    2. Relationships between meadow conditions and trends, livestock management, weather and environmental drivers.

To learn more about the long term meadow monitoring project click here

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September 4, 2018 - Fall is in the air, and research projects will be wrapping up in the next few weeks in the mountains. End of season data will be taken on irrigated pastures, GPS collars will be removed from cattle and annual meadow use data will be collected. You can learn more about the research projects underway here.

As for extension activities, I am working with the local watershed group to host a tour of irrigated agriculture in the region, and developing additional fact sheet for livestock producers. In collaboration with Chico State, there is a carcass contest award ceremony and educational event for Butte County Fair and Silver Dollar Fair steer exhibitors this month too!!  

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August 1, 2018 - It was a busy July with data collection for research projects and events. Last month, we hosted a successful tour for local permitees and range staff on the Plumas National Forest - you can learn more here

August is set to be a busy month too! Be sure to stop by the Ag Department booth at the fair to see us! 

Also, on August 29 is a SB 88 Compliance Measurement and Monitoring Course, hosted by UCCE and Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen in Taylorsville. For more information on the regulation and workshop click here

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June 8, 2018 - This month many days will be spent working outside on a number of research projects underway on both public and private lands. Field data is being collected on irrigated pastures, livestock-predators interactions, and mountain meadows. To learn more on the research projects click here.

We are gearing up for our summer activities that include hosting the 2018 Weed Tour in Sierra Valley on July 11 in collaboration with the Plumas-Sierra Agricultural Department and the Weed Management Area. To participate in this FREE event click here

On August 29 B 88 Compliance Measurement and Monitoring Course, hosted by UCCE and Plumas-Sierra Cattlemen in Taylorsville. For more information on the regulation and workshop click here

Watch our newsletter for research project updates and photo highlights on the facebook page.


May 17, 2018 - On May 31, 2018 there is an Irrigated Pasture and Annual Rangeland Management Workshop (click here for the agenda) hosted in collaboration with Chico State and UC Rangelands. The workshop has been approved for Irrigated Lands Waiver Program Continuing Education Credits. 

The workshop will be based at Chico State Farm and will include an annual rangeland ranch visit. This morning session of the workshop will equip ranchers, land managers, technical resources and college students with scientifically based management practices, resources and network to support sustainable livestock grazing enterprises on California’s rangelands. The afternoon session will focus on irrigated pasture establishment and management for water scarcity, invasive species, and nitrogen management to maximize productivity while balancing natural resource objectives.  To register click here.  

This month we are kicking into full gear out on private and public rangelands collecting field data on irrigated pasture, predators, and mountain meadows. Watch our newsletter for research project updates and photo highlights on the facebook page.


March 20, 2018 - Welcome to the new information center for livestock producers and natural resource managers in Plumas, Sierra and Butte counties. This site is designed to provide technical resources, syntheses of information, scientific research updates, and more for local stakeholders. 

In October 2017, I joined the UCCE team as the livestock and natural resources advisor serving clientele in Butte, Plumas and Sierra Counties. 

In this role I will conduct extension, education and applied research focusing on livestock production, economics, and sustainable range and pasture management.  I will seek to develop effective solutions to the complex issues facing commercial livestock producers on natural resource issues such as water quality, rangeland health, wildlife habitat, and public lands management.


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