University of California

Mission Statement

The time has arrived for a dedicated, coordinated effort to help elucidate human-wildlife conflicts in southern California, and we believe, that as a group, the Southern California Urban Wildlife Management Council can best handle this mission. Although the boundaries of this group are fixed within Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, we recognize the dynamic and mobile nature of wildlife and will remain flexible and open.

This group aims to facilitate, coordinate and establish leadership, relationships and information transfer between stakeholders who have interests in research and the applied management of urban wildlife. The influence and impact that management of urban wildlife has on natural populations will also be considered.

We are uniquely qualified, as a group to provide assistance with multi-disciplinary management problems.  We have access to biologically sound information and environmentally tested technologies which have been scientifically validated.  Together, we can use these tools to help deal with overabundant wildlife, their associated disease and the conflicts that the expansion of human populations can result in.


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