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Teens As Teachers

What is Teens as Teachers?

As a part of the Healthy Habits program, the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program of El Dorado County is bringing a Teens as Teachers program to South Lake Tahoe. 

The Teens as Teachers program focuses on providing high school age students with the skills needed to be effective leaders of positive change in their community. Through hands on teaching experience teens who complete the program will gain confidence in public speaking, group management, leadership, civic engagement, and more.

Anyone interested in participating should begin by contacting a local program representative. To complete the program students will be required to attend a minimum 12 hours of training provided by UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) staff; which includes a 1 day 6-hour training. Additionally, they'll be expected to deliver 6-10 hours of lessons. 

Regardless of your experience level or skills, we'd love to have you join the team!