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COVID-19 Restrictions

Current COVID-19 Status

The county restrictions will remain in place until transmission rates have decreased. 4-H must follow all county guidelines and safety precautions. 4-H will allow in person meetings (max of 10 - 2 adults, 8 kids), however there are numerous steps and precautions that must be followed to host a meeting. The 4-H office prefers all meetings be done virtually at this time as cases are rising. To hold an in person meeting, the meeting host must comply with the following procedures. 

  1. Must review, agree to and follow ALL Mitigation Standards Summary for COVID-19, Stage 2.
  2. Must review, agree to and follow ALL Safety Standards for Resuming In-Person Activity, Stage 2.
  3. Must attend virtual COVID-19 Phase 2 Safety Protocol Training hosted by 4-H personnel.
  4. Complete and submit the Safety Plan with Participant Roster for approval , no more than 10 people.
  5. Review and confirm you can complete & submit the COVID-19 Phase 2 Safety Protocol Checklist for each in-person activity
  6. Must receive approval prior to in-person activities from the 4-H  Program and County Director. 
  7. Send in your request 14 days prior to your meeting to allow time for review and training.
  8. Must submit roster and contact form to the 4-H office 24 hours after the initial meeting.

Hosting an in person meeting means no more than 10 people. If you are hosting the meeting please make sure all COVID- 19 safety precautions are being meet, such as wearing a face covering, distancing 6ft apart if possible, having an area to wash hands/hand sanitizer. Be able to provide a mask if someone forgets their own.   If parents, siblings, or guardians attend the meeting with the member, they will be asked to leave. They will need to wait in another area away from the meeting. Any in-person meeting held with over 10 people will not be allowed and if for some reason it does occur, please note you may be asked to step down as a volunteer, as this is violating our risk management health and safety guidelines. If a meeting is not following the risk management health and safety guidelines, please notify the 4-H office immediately. We want to provide a safe environment for our members and volunteers. We want to make sure as a 4-H group, we are doing our part to not spread the virus.

If you have any questions, please contact the county 4-H office.