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Virtual 4-H Resources

Remember to check with the Stanislaus County 4-H Office for meeting guidelines.

The 4-H Virtual Toolbox provides guidance and tips during the COVID-19 pandemic for current 4-H members, volunteers, and families. This site will be updated regularly with guidance and tips on for 4-H clubs, activities and projects both in-person and virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please see other 4-H sites for more information 

California 4-H at Home

4-H at Home | Activities for Kids | 4-H


General Virtual Meeting and Presence Resources

4-H Technology Tools and Tips, from CA State 4-H


Internet and Connectivity 


Zoom Information

How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Meeting

Google Hangout Meets 

A Guide to Google Chat: Hangouts vs. Google Hangouts Chat vs. Google Hangouts Meet

Facebook Live

How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide (this guide's focus is on marketing, but it has a great overview of what Facebook Live is and how to use it)


4-H Virtual Animal Project Resources 


Virginia Cooperative Extension 4-H Virtual Farm