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Collective Impact: One person—together with others—can make all the difference. Read about the UC California Naturalist Program's collective impact and what it means to be part of our community. 


Rediscovering California’s Central Coast Bioregion: check out the latest free natural history publication from CalNat! The publication's lead author, Bill Tietje, with co-authors William Preston and Anne Polyakov wrote a highly readable description of the Central Coast Bioregion. The publication uses engaging vignettes to highlight local conservationists, regional wildlife, historical and contemporary restoration efforts, and interesting places to explore.

 July Newsletter: California Naturalist Leadership Transitions, Regional Rendezvous Update News on the the upcoming Regional Rendezvous in Cambria, leadership transitions, and new staff. Subscribe to future newsletters here.

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Share your California Naturalist Story! We all came to be a California Naturalist through different avenues and motivations. We all have different life experience, perspective, and talents we bring to the Californian Naturalist community. And yet we all have a keen interest in nature in common. In pictures and words, we want to share your short CalNat story.

California Naturalist climate stories are live!  Check out this map! The California Climate Stories show why action on the ground is important, and how local action fits within broader efforts to adapt to climate change throughout the state. Developed for the Governor’s OPR Adaptation Clearinghouse in collaboration with UC ANR, California Naturalist, and IGIS Statewide programs. Thanks to all who shared their story!

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Download this California Naturalist Handbook flier for 30% off from the publisher, UC Press!