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Update 9-8-15

Had a small problem with author/upload corrected - seems to be working ok now. 

Also, had the programmer add in a "Source" search box - the idea for this will be to test use of a limited number of categories in the "Short Abstract" column in the database.  Eventually, if we decide to include CWSS Reports, this may be useful for narrowing to a few broad categories. 

Also, Lynn logged in and uploaded one doc using the bulk upload so this seems to work for other WWG users.  Michelle also said she'd try to this to make sure it works later in the week.

Added GoogleAnalytics code - will test later this week to verify operation.



Update 8-31-15

After several rounds working with ANR programmers during summer 2015, I think this is ready to demo to the WWG.  I have uploaded about 120 files (herbicide reports, research poster, journal articles - all as PDFs).  The author function seems to be working correctly now and the OCR will reduce the need for really detailed data entry (weeds herbicides crops etc).



Update 6-4-15

There are about 60 or so files uploaded into this database that is organized as a Special Library in the ANR Repository.

I've been working with the UCANR IT folks to develop a better user interface for this report database.  

ToddP built a pretty nice search function that includes the ability to search the specific information uploaded with a file but also OCR (optical character recognition) that can search for keywords anywhere in a file.  this is pretty cool!

The "Authors" are still not displaying correctly (sometimes only some authors, sometimes wrong authors, sometimes incorrect author order, etc) - this needs to be figured out before it can go live.



This is a temporary website that I am using to explore potential ways to interface with the UC ANR Repository as a server of weed reports.

Brad Hanson 9-30-14

Webmaster Email: bhanson@ucdavis.edu