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Urban Agriculture

Cultivate LA Definitions

An urban farm is a site located within a metropolitan area that produces food beyond the purposes of personal consumption or education. Though urban farms typically generate income, their products may also be donated or sold indirectly, such as in the form of prepared food products.  

A nursery is a facility that produces or sells nursery stock. Nursery stock is defined as any plant used for propagation, ornamentation, or planting, and includes those grown in greenhouses, containers, and the field.

A school garden is a garden that is planted and maintained by students or other youth for educational purposes. It may or may not include edible plants. While usually on a school campus, this category can also include youth gardens at other locations such as youth clubs or juvenile probation camps.

A community garden is a site gardened by multiple people that may or may not be broken into individual plots. Produce is not typically sold, but is eaten or shared by the gardeners and their families.


What if my site fits more than one definition?

Sometimes, sites have multiple purposes and could fit more than one category. For example, a school garden might also sell some of its produce at an occasional farm stand, meeting the criteria of an urban farm. Or an urban farm might also sell nursery stock, meeting the criteria for a nursery. For the purposes of our study, though, we want to select one category per site. To the best of your ability, please select the category which is the most important/predominant use of the site.

You can include information about the site’s secondary purpose(s) under the survey question “Any additional Information?”

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