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Social, Health, and Economic Impacts of Urban Agriculture

Community Garden in Los Angeles County

We conducted an extensive literature review on the health, social and economic impacts of urban agriculture. Also available are an annotated bibliography of the articles and reports we reviewed for the literature review, and an At-a-Glance spreadsheet that connects each article with the impact(s) discussed. There are other impacts, such as environmental impacts, which were beyond the scope of our literature review.


Learn More About our Urban Agriculture Needs Assessment

The literature review was part of a larger needs assessment on urban agriculture in California which included a UC ANR organizational survey and interviews with urban agriculture clientele. A full description can be found in this article.


Social Impacts

  • Creating Safe Places/Reducing Blight

  • Access to Land

  • Community Development/Building Social Capital

  • Education and Youth Development Opportunities

  • Cross-Generational and Cultural Integration

Health Impacts

  • Food Access and Security

  • Increased Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

  • Food and Health Literacy

  • General Well-Being (Mental Health and Physical Activity)

Economic Impacts

  • Job Creation, Training and Business Incubation

  • Market Expansion for Farmers

  • Economic Savings on Food

  • Savings for Municipal Agencies

  • Increased Home Values

This doesn’t mean that every urban agriculture project or urban farm offers all of these benefits! Every site is unique. Projects must be designed and implemented with their goals in mind.

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