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Urban Agriculture Impacts: Social, Economic and Health: An Annotated Bibliography

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Our annotated bibliography of the articles and reports we reviewed includes peer-reviewed articles from academic journals, professional reports from non-profits, foundations, and government agencies, as well as a few books. This annotated bibliography is meant to provide policy makers and urban agriculture practitioners with short summaries of articles that discuss researched impacts. 

It is accompanied by a quick reference resource called Urban Agriculture Impacts: Social, Health and Economic: At a Glance. This spreadsheet is a quick reference that accompanies the Urban Agriculture Impacts: Social, Economic, and Health: An Annotated Bibliography. It lists the author and date of each article in the annotated bibliography and indicates the specific impacts discussed in that article. It also indicates if the impact is empirically researched as well as if the article was a professional report or peer-reviewed research. This reference is meant to be a quick and easy way to filter through the annotated bibliography and select relevant publications.

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