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Networking and building coalitions between existing services and urban agriculture projects can help leverage resources and avoid potential roadblocks and challenges. The following are a list of state-wide resources, and we've also provided links to local projects, initiatives, advocacy groups, and other resources active in various metropolitan areas of California.

California Statewide

  • UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE). With local offices throughout the state, UCCE has farm advisors who work with commercial farmers, as well as UC Master Gardener Volunteers who work with home, school and community gardeners.

  • UC Small Farm Program. As a part of UCCE, The University of California Small Farm Program focuses on the challenges and opportunities of California's small-scale farm operators.

  • California FarmLink. A statewide program that helps beginning, limited resource, and underserved farmers, FarmLink can help new farmers to identify land, financing and other resources.

  • FarmsReach. An online community for California farmers to exchange information, with access to helpful tools and discussion groups.

  • USDA Census of Agriculture. The 2012 Census offers helpful statistics on farming at the state and county level.

  • Your county Agricultural Commissioner's Office. Each county’s office enforces agricultural laws and regulations. Their duties include issuing Certified Producer’s Certificates (needed to sell at Certified Farmers Markets), enforcing pest quarantines, regulating pesticide use, and much more.

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