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WRLF 2018
WRLF 2018
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WRLF 2018

Education Sessions 2

The Protobot Project

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Friday 215-500
Build and program a 3-D printed robot in this exciting student-led workshop! Learn how high school student Jacob Field in Wasco County 4-H created a unique 3-D printed robot that can be easily built and programmed in a few hours. The workshop will outline steps taken by Wasco County 4-H to foster student leadership and discuss how to mobilize students as your program's Waves of Change. The robots use Arduino Nanos, touch and light sensors to navigate a maze and can be built for around $15.00 each. This is an excellent way to incorporate robotic technology in a STEM program with a minimal cost. This could be easily added to an existing robotic program, particularly with students who have some programming or soldering skills. Soldering is required in building the robots.
Lu Seapy

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