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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Old publication evaluation and discard

The 15/15s

To lighten Associate Editors’ workload, the Communications Advisory Board approved a procedure that thins out old and poor-selling publications annually without requiring them to be peer reviewed. Instead, Associate Editors can make a determination whether information in a publication is so out-of-date that further effort is unnecessary.

Communication Services creates an annual list by associate editor of publications that are older than 15 years. CS then determines how many copies of those 15-years-or-older publications were sold on average for the last three years. If the publication has sold more then 15 copies, on average, per year, CS does nothing. If the publication has sold an average of 15 or fewer copies per year, Communication Services contacts the publication’s Associate Editor with a filled-out MF-124 form that looks something like this:

ANR Communication Services


Pub. No.

Publication date:  Average copies sold in last 3 years:

Based on age and annual sales, the above publication will be removed from the Communication Services warehouse inventory and numerical listing. Please return this form to Jon Mercy with your decision. (check one)

____ yes, discard the publication

____ no, keep it in the inventory as is

____ no, keep it in the inventory. I (associate editor) will have this title revised within 18 months.*

*If the publication is not revised within 18 months of this form, Communication Services will notify you that it is being discarded.

Associate Editor (please sign)
Date signed

Please fax this form to Jon Mercy (510-665-3427)

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