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Publications in Spanish

The vast majority of ANR foreign-language materials are in Spanish. Their peer review process—managed by the Spanish-Language Materials Associate Editor—differs from that of English materials. 

ANR-numbered translations are made only from English text that has successfully passed ANR peer review. Instead of reviewing the original content, the Spanish-Language AE evaluates whether a requested translation should occur.

Translation request
The first step is for authors to fill out the Translation Request survey, which goes to Maria de la Fuente or Fe Moncloa, Spanish-Language Materials Associate Editors. Authors must also mail a copy of the material they wish to be translated to Maria or Fe.

The information in this survey helps the Spanish Associate Editor determine if the material should be translated, and, if so, if the requested project is in the most appropriate format to reach the target audience. If necessary, the AE may consult with other appropriate subject area Associate Editors or other subject experts.

translation request decision is returned to the author by the Spanish Associate Editor with a brief evaluation and one of three recommendations: the publication will be translated, it should be revised before translating, or it will not be translated. 

If a revision is necessary first
If it is determined by the Associate Editor(s) that minor revisions or adaptations must be made to the text before it is translated, the author forwards the translation request, the publication, and the AE’s assessment to News and Information Outreach in Spanish. An editor there will work with the author to adapt the text. The completed adaptation is then sent to the Spanish AE for approval.

If it is determined by the Associate Editor(s) that major revisions that significantly alter the original English text must be made before it is translated, the revised text may need to go to the appropriate subject area Associate Editor for a new peer review in English. The Spanish AE makes this determination and communicates this need to the subject matter Associate Editor.

When the new submission is approved for translation, the Spanish AE sends the material/publication to be translated to News and Information Outreach in Spanish for translation.

Translation into other languages
If an author wishes to have a publication or materials translated into a language other than Spanish, please contact Ricardo Vela.