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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production


Approving reprints of an ANR publication

In addition to determining which old publications should be discarded, Associate Editors are responsible for determining if a publication should be reprinted. When the inventory of a publication reaches one year’s supply, Jon Mercy at Communication Services will send the appropriate Associate Editor an MF-122 form along with a copy of the publication. Associate Editors can approve reprinting; they can ask that the publication be discontinued; or they can delay reprinting until a peer review has taken place, which may require a revision of the publication.

ANR Communication Services


Publication title:
Publication number: Annual sales:

Publication status:
_____ Out of Stock
_____ Inventory below one year’s supply
_____ Publication has been out of stock 18 months; it will be discontinued

We recommend: (Communication Services may check one)

______This publication is a poor seller, and we suggest it be discontinued.

______If this title is continued, we believe it is most appropriate as an ANR online publication and be available on the online Communication Services catalog.

______If this title is continued, we believe it needs a redesign. If the author chooses to revise any text in this process, as Associate Editor you will oversee a review of those revisions.

Please advise:
(Associate Editor, check one)

____ The content of the publication is up-to-date, and no revision is needed at this time. I approve reprinting a new supply that will last 3 years.

____ Do not reprint this publication. The material requires revision, and I will begin the appropriate review process with the author or workgroup. Expected date the review will be completed: ___________

____ Do or do not continue to distribute this publication until the new edition can be printed.

____ Do not reprint this publication. Its information is invalid or serves no useful purpose. The publication should be withdrawn.

(Associate Editor)

Fax this form to Jon Mercy (510) 643-5470


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