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UC ANR’s new Staff Assembly is in development

The UC ANR Staff Assembly committee, top row, left to right, Matt Baur, Andrew Besson, Janelle Hansen, bottom row, Tamara Majcherek, Lori Renstrom, Jeannette Warnert. Not pictured: Nikolai Schweitzer.
The establishment of UC ANR's new Staff Assembly is well underway. Last spring's Work Environment Assessment workshops marked the beginning of the effort to create a staff assembly for UC ANR. Each of the UC campuses has a staff assembly, and at UC ANR, an Academic Assembly Council has been active for decades. The staff at ANR were alone in their lack of such an organization.

In September, ANR Vice President Glenda Humiston charged a committee of UC ANR staff who volunteered at the workshops to help design a process and structure of the UC ANR Staff Assembly. The committee includes Matt Baur, chair; Jeannette Warnert, scribe; and members Andrew Besson, Janelle Hansen, Tammy Majcherek, Lori Renstrom and Nikolai Schweitzer.

The committee met in September and is now developing the new Staff Assembly's mission statement and bylaws. In a few weeks, the drafts will be circulated among all staff at ANR so they can offer feedback.

In time, the Staff Assembly will hold regular elections to form a board to lead the UC ANR Staff Assembly. The Staff Assembly will also elect delegates to attend the annual meeting of the systemwide Council of UC Staff Assemblies so that the interests of UC ANR staff are represented.


Posted on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 9:46 AM

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