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ANR makes plans to upgrade off-campus broadband service

ANR's Network Project has officially kicked off, according to Gabe Youtsey, chief information officer. The multimillion-dollar investment will bring to county offices and research and extension centers Internet speeds that are hundreds of times faster than what they currently have, as well as better wireless coverage and modern cabling to many locations.

This will provide a host of new possibilities for ANR including ag tech and big data research, modern cloud-based technology tools and new phone/web/video conferencing capabilities.

“We have a lot of work to do to prepare for and complete this project including equipment upgrades, construction and electrical work and finding new service providers to partner with,” said Youtsey.

In order to complete this complex, important project, ANR IT has partnered with ANR Facilities Planning and Management, the Corporation for Education Initiatives in California (CENIC) and Dimension Data.

“We are currently developing our comprehensive project plan, and my hope is that we can have every UC ANR location upgraded by the end of FY 2017, if not sooner,” Youtsey said.

The REC and UCCE locations planned for upgraded in the first phase are:

?          Desert REC
?          Intermountain REC
?          Kearney Ag REC
?          Sierra Foothill REC
?          West Side REC
?          UCCE Colusa
?          UCCE Central Sierra MCP (El Dorado office)
?          UCCE Humboldt
?          UCCE Imperial
?          UCCE Inyo-Mono
?          UCCE Los Angeles
?          UCCE Madera
?          UCCE Monterey
?          UCCE Nevada
?          UCCE Riverside (Moreno Valley Office)
?          UCCE San Bernardino
?          UCCE San Joaquin
?          UCCE Stanislaus
?          UCCE Sutter-Yuba
?          UCCE Yolo

“While these locations are planned for our first phase, we will be creating upgrade plans very soon for the remaining UC ANR locations planned for phase 2, which we hope to begin work in late summer or early fall 2016,” Youtsey said. “Our project team will reach out to offices directly to begin the process, and we will send out regular communications on the progress of the project. You can reach our project team anytime with questions at” 


Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 6:14 PM

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